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Assignment 3

Posted by BigSteve 
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Assignment 3
March 24, 2010 07:59AM
Has anyone started looking at Assignment 3 yet ?
Seems that there are some tricky questions.
Re: Assignment 3
April 05, 2010 11:38AM
Hi there

Yes i have looked at the assignment and i have managed to complete question 1.
Now im attempting question 2 the Card Game program i have a problem
interpreting the UML digram.

please help.
Re: Assignment 3
April 05, 2010 03:35PM
Could someone who has the paperback copy of the book confirm the corresponding exercises from the online version for assignment 3?
I can figure out that the card game corresponds to this exercise: "10.3.1. Exercises: Managed Containers, Composites and Aggregates ".
Is question one, the first three exercises, from this section "10.1.4. Exercises: Generics and Templates ". What about question three?

Anonymous User
Re: Assignment 3
April 07, 2010 04:44PM
From Ken Halland, questions for Assignment 3 for those using online version of Ezust:

"Assignment 3 for the 1st semester
Due date: 1 May (Note: no extension of this date is possible)
Study material: Ezust Chapters 10 and 11
Part A
Question 1
Chapter 10 of Ezust: Exercises 1, 2 and 3 in Section 10.1.4
For Exercise 1, submit the code of the (modified) Stack class, as well as the contents of the (modified) project file. Submit the code of the main program that tests it, as well as the output of the program. Remember to add your explanation of the results.
Question 2
Chapter 10 of Ezust: Exercise in Section 10.3.1
Submit the code of the Card, CardHand and CardDeck classes, as well as the main program (similar to Example 10.6). Submit the output of a typical run of the program.
Question 3
Chapter 11 of Ezust: Exercise 1 in Section 11.5.3
Submit all the code that you write for this application, as well as (at least) one image of the application while it is running.
Part B
Question 1
Chapter 10 of Ezust: Review questions 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 in Section 10.9
Question 2
Chapter 11 of Ezust: Review questions 1 to 9 in Section 11.10
Question 3
Create a GUI application which looks just like the Notepad application available on MS Windows. Call it MyNotepad. It need not have any of the functionality of Notepad, however, except that it should have a text edit for entering text, and all the dropdown menus available on a menubar. You need only add one or two menu items to each dropdown menu.
Hint: Adapt the code for the Study application discussed in Section 11.6.1 of Ezust.
Draw a UML class diagram containing all the classes used in your program. You need not specify the member functions of each class, just the name of each class and the relationships between the classes.
Identify the features of the Command design pattern in your UML diagram."

Hope that helps.
Re: Assignment 3
April 07, 2010 06:38PM

Anonymous User
Re: Assignment 3
April 07, 2010 09:04PM
No problem chief! drinking smiley
avatar Re: Assignment 3
April 19, 2010 07:03PM
Just saw this e-mail today. Thought I better post it:

For myUnisa users registered for subjects COS2144-10-S1
Dear student

There is a problem with the first two questions of the third assignment. Details will be provided in Tut Letter 202.

In the meantime, please note that Question 1 of Assignment 3 (consisting of three exercises about class templates) is cancelled.

The UML diagram provided on p223 of the printed version of the prescribed book has a few errors. The online version is an improvement, and is available in Additional Resources for COS2144 on myUnisa.

Your lecturers
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