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Posted by nozdlax 
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November 24, 2010 09:54PM
I passed!! Whoop whoop! smileys with beer
How did y'all do?
Re: Results
November 25, 2010 07:58AM
Woot! Passed!
Re: Results
November 25, 2010 09:36AM
Passed! thumbs up smiley

Don't be different...be the one making a difference
avatar Re: Results
November 25, 2010 10:38AM
Passed! with distinction
That made my day grinning smiley
avatar Re: Results
November 25, 2010 12:14PM

They were very kind to me. I survived! What a relief. (First time in ages that I've actually been Happy Happy Happy with a lower-end mark).

OK! 2011!! Bring it on!

Are any of you already busy preparing the ground for the dreaded Y3?
Re: Results
November 25, 2010 02:49PM
Congrats to everybody. Compare the relief in this thread to the thread on the exam post mortem!
@slow_eddy. Yeah, I have 7 modules to go as follows:

I'll definitely do COS2144 in S1 while C++ is still fresh in the memory. I hope there is no more coding although I have a suspicion databases does. I really want to finish next year and be done.
avatar Re: Results
November 25, 2010 04:22PM
You'll be going deeper into INF than I intend to, then. In spite of my second year marks, I'm still persisting on the COS line. The INF stuff is important, but I've a better chance of simply teaching it to myself than is the case with COS, so the COS looks like better value for money then.

I did the Java version of 214, and just barely scraped it. The beginning of the course was misleadingly easy, and then suddenly it got more demanding. Trick is to get to know everything you can about Design Patterns (basically until it's a part of you, I would guess - never made it that far myself). I suppose the thing to do is to have a squizz at the forum for 214 for this semester, and get some idea of how it was. It was quite an unusually busy forum in 2010 terms.
Re: Results
November 25, 2010 04:22PM
I managed to scrape through after deciding against not writing exam, I wasn't ready. But I thought oh what the hell, lets give it a bash.
avatar Re: Results
November 25, 2010 06:05PM
Well there you go! I had the opposite problem. I got overconfident about my state of preparedness, so slacked off in the wrong areas.

One of these exams I basically just went to, to see how severely I'd fail it after giving it my absolute everything: COS233. I stole time off more long-term-important subjects (to me, personally) knowing that it probably still wouldn't help much.

One has to develop as robust an ego as possible, I think. Be thick-skinned toward yourself. And there you go: You go to just give it a shot, anyway, and it turns out you were ready enough to at least survive. It's always worth sitting the exam. If you're going to bail, bail early, when you can still get your refund.
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