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Computer Science Modules Difficulty

Posted by PretoriaSux 
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avatar Computer Science Modules Difficulty
August 06, 2010 08:49AM
Hi Everyone,

I'm deciding on modules for honours next year (2011). I know this is a bit early because we are not sure what modules will be offered next year.
I've done this topic before and the feedback was great. However, I'm still not convinced I have absolutely all the essential information to pick modules for next year.

I am more concerned with the level of difficulty each module will be. If I know the level of difficulty, I can group several easier modules with fewer difficult modules. This way each year of study will have the same level of difficulty.

I am currently registered for
COS462-K (Easy)
COS451-G (Medium)
COS407-C (Medium - Hard)

Has anyone passed the following modules. If you have can you please let me know how difficult you found the modules to be and what was your greatest challenge with each module.

COS405A Computability theory
COS407C Formal Logic
COS408D Data structures and algorithms
COS416D Theory of programming languages
COS430B Advanced computer networks
COS451G Artificial intelligence 1
COS460H Capita Selecta 1 (Description Logics)
COS461J Capita Selecta 2 (Natural Language Processing)
COS498X Project module
COS492R Formal program verification

For 2011 I'm thinking of doing COS460 Description Logics, COS461 Natural Language Processing and COS492R Formal Program Verification

I'm really worried about picking a module that is above my capacity and I've found Advanced Programming to be difficult as well as Computer Graphics and I don't want a repeat of that much pain again.
Re: Computer Science Modules Difficulty
August 16, 2010 01:08PM
COS430 - a lot of theory
COS408 - I totally suck at this
COS416 - once again a lot of theory
COS451 - not sure about difficulty, but incredibly interesting - it's a total brain twister
COS498 - depends on the project you pick, but mostly research

Apparently 460 and 461 are incredibly difficult, but I haven't done them myself.
They look interesting, but no thanks - especially since the book for 461 is >R1k (iirc)
avatar Re: Computer Science Modules Difficulty
September 02, 2010 09:52AM

for COS498 what was your project on?
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