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Plotting the separating plane

Posted by Mariusvn 
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Plotting the separating plane
September 16, 2006 01:49AM

for the Exam guidelines question 1.4 I get the final weight vector
[2,0,0] with the threshold value 2.

I can draw the diagram of the input values but do not understand how to plot the separating plane.

Anyone who knows please help?
Re: Plotting the separating plane
September 16, 2006 08:18AM
the separating plane is the plane with equation w.x = threshhold
i.e W is the norm vector and a point can be obtained from the above equation
(2,0,0).(x,y,z)=2 <=> 2x=2
the norm vecor is (2,0,0) and a point by which the plane passes is:

hope this helps...
Re: Plotting the separating plane
September 17, 2006 01:08AM

Thanks for the explanation - but can you also show how to get the other points of the plane? I know the one point goes through the 0 origin

what I dont understand is what is 'x' in w.x = threshold.

Re: Plotting the separating plane
September 17, 2006 03:12PM
once you have the equation you can get as much points as you want, just take some values for x and y then get the z value (in 3D case)
for example,
take x=1, y=0
you get z = -3 so you got the point (1,0,-3)
as for w.x=treshhold, the x means the input vector. i.e. x=(x,y,z) (the first x should be in bold for the vector)
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