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Question Practical

Posted by Spongie88 
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Question Practical
September 27, 2009 10:36PM
When uploading the products, under "product URL" im not sure as to what i should text in...guidence needed.
Re: Question Practical
September 28, 2009 07:32AM
Not required - it is an (older) advanced function that has to do with SEO (Search engine friendly customization) which newer carts handle much better, so just ignore it.
(the product URL is the "address" where your product is located, it is created when you enter a new product and looks something like this:
Re: Question Practical
October 19, 2009 02:55PM
Hi Mac,
I cant seem to get Item images or product details to display in subcategories.
If I go to the top of my site and click on a category and then a sub category
I get a listing of all the items without any images or descriptions of said items - only Quantity and "Buy Now" buttons.
Please help!
Re: Question Practical
October 19, 2009 03:01PM
Never Mind - I changed my Settings from "Yes" to "1"
Did the trick !

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