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Re: Pracs received
November 25, 2009 07:57AM
10 december only....
Re: Pracs received
November 25, 2009 09:06AM
OK, I have finished marking and will not be answering any further questions here smiling smiley

Some really good projects inbetween, some not user friendly and some requiring me to do minor fixes to get it to work, but generally no worries. Major fixes - you will know who you are - if it didn't work on your PC it did not work on mine and it will work nowhere else!

Functions in one page and then include the functions. Some did - others not. This is real imortant - if you need to fix something, you go to the function file and fix it in one file (as with the con file).
So I really looked for evidence that you gave a bit of thought to the structure of your application (how you made use of files etc).
A couple of problems with sessions, however, that will not make you fail. But if I get a parse error on every single page over and above a session problem then I fear you may have to redo some stuff.....

Some other minor and general remarks just to remember (you can't fail on these)
Always give thought to your navigation - if you can put 3 steps in one click do so.
If you make use of validation, do it before you submit the form. If not, it is a killer to have to go back and refill the whole form just because one field is wrong or incomplete. If you send them back, then the form must be completed with what was filled in (how to do was discussed elsewhere). At worst, ask people to use the browser back-button as oppposed to a back link.
If you update a field, echo the field in the text box rather than requiring the user to retype the whole word.
If one needs to edit a field, always make the field the link (e.g. make the coursename the link rather than making the course ID the link - it is unnatural. The course ID is used by the app - not by the user)
Male use of sub-directories e.g includes for include files. functions for function files (you may have more function files in future) etc.
avatar Re: Pracs received
November 25, 2009 02:28PM
Thanks for the advice Mac. Really helps.

Looking forward to seeing the results, positive or negative... The suspense is killing me slowly smiling smiley
Re: Pracs received
November 27, 2009 04:09PM
Yeah thanx mac.

I must say reading this and looking back at my prac.... eish... not good. haha

Hopefully I'll pass even with all my pharse errors!

can't wait for the marks!
avatar Re: Pracs received
December 20, 2009 08:14AM
If the Exam Results status is as below:
Course Final Mark Result
CSDW1WS *** Absent from Examination

...and I did submit the project, does this mean that one will have to resubmit in May 2010.... Thanks for putting my soul at ease
Re: Pracs received
December 20, 2009 09:38AM
Not sure what is going on here with that message and not much I can do about it now. Will have to look at it in the new year.
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