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Post Project

Posted by mauritz 
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Post Project
November 02, 2009 07:39AM
Hi Mac

Now that the project is over, now comes the long wait to see if we pass smiling smiley Out of interest sake, can you maybe provide us with what guidelines you will take to "assess" our projects? I think this will give some of us (I hope I am one) atleast some piece of mind to know if we *should* pass or not. I assume the biggest assessment would be if the project actually works or not, but what else will you be looking at which can cause us to loose a lot of points? Im sure I read it on a previous post somewhere, but when will the results be made available? I think I read 6 weeks somewhere, but I may be wrong smiling smiley

Good luck to all smiling smiley
Re: Post Project
November 02, 2009 08:12AM
Not sure when Unisa releases the results.....
Yes, it must work.... then I look for evidence that you have applied all you've learned (e.g. functions, includes etc). But also at your logic.
Re: Post Project
November 02, 2009 11:51AM
Mine works... more or less... was coding/testing it on my Ubuntu machine at home the whole time... got back to the office this morning after a power failure last nite to check iff all is still fine and it started to give me errors left right and center... sad smiley sent it in in any case... so yeah... hopefully it'll be ok...
Re: Post Project
November 02, 2009 11:59AM
Murphy ... i also noticed a small glitch this morning, more an improvement actually, but its not something which *should* stand in the way of me and passing (I hope) ...
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