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Chapter 7 local area network

Posted by njmphelo 
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Chapter 7 local area network
February 19, 2009 04:04PM
Chapter 7 local area network

Q= is a hub a passive device? Explain
A=No, passive device requires no electric powered, while hubs does.

Q= what properties set local area network apart from other forms of network?
A=local area network ,components evolution can be independent of system evolutution e.i it’s easy to upgrade workstation without alteration.
=it allows equipment from different manufacturers to operate together.
=high speed data transfer rate/lower error rate.

Anyone with suggestion to my answers may comment.thanx
Re: Chapter 7 local area network
January 27, 2010 11:55AM
Hi , i dint as yet get to chapter 7, but i would say that a hub is a passive device, as it just serves just as a wiring center between computers and other nodes in a LAN,

A switch on the other hand is a form of an intelligent HUB as when a pc's sends a data over the LAn , the switch regenerates this signal and sends it to the receiving end. so i would say a switch is active

Hub is just used to direct signals.

Thats just my opinion, i will repost once i research this topic
Re: Chapter 7 local area network
January 27, 2010 11:59AM
I think that there is more control over a LAN, as one can decide what types of messages the want to filter for security reasons, even who is allowed to access specific information, what type of hardware would be best for a specific operation
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