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Open Exam

Posted by Thula 
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Open Exam
September 21, 2006 03:12PM
I have never written an open exam at Unisa and wanted to know what one can take to the exam room. Is it everything prescribed book, tutorial letters, notes?

Re: Open Book Exam
September 21, 2006 03:13PM
Subject meant to read 'Open Book Exam'
Re: Open Exam
September 21, 2006 03:42PM
You can take just about anything you want.
Re: Open Exam
September 29, 2006 12:00PM
Hi Guys,

Is everybody ready for this exam? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!
Re: Open Exam
September 29, 2006 12:05PM
What about a laptop is that permissable?
Re: Open Exam
September 29, 2006 12:07PM
mmmm...guess it make sense with getting answers fast, but will your battery last for 3 hours?
Re: Open Exam
September 30, 2006 11:54AM
It should, I have an extended battery.
Re: Open Exam
October 02, 2006 11:31AM
I was just going over my exam letter and notice that the use of a calculator is NOT permissible during the 311 exam, however I'm not sure if this is correct considering it is open book. The whole laptop idea might be worth checking with the lecturers.

Has UNISA provided us with any policies pertaining to open book exam in any of the tuts or calenders? I can't find any info and if they haven't, they should have!

You can't say something is open book and not set limits, you could have a wireless internet connection on your laptop, for example, and have a friend or college who is an expert on the subject helping you in a chat program (I know that this isn't allowed, and unethical, I wasn't planning to do it, just using it as an example). I mean, they just say you can bring in any material you want, what is material? I'll just take my friend/college in with me, lol smiling smiley.
Re: Open Exam
October 10, 2006 04:48PM
Has anyone spoken to the lecturers about whether the tut letter solutions are allowed in the exam hall?
I have been unable to get a response in spite of several phone calls and an email, and if anyone has first hand confirmation of the definition of "open book" that would be much appreciated!
Re: Open Exam
October 10, 2006 04:51PM
As far as I know you're allowed to take any notes, tut letters and solutions, prescribed books, etc. in with you.
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