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Textbook summary

Posted by Bronwen 
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Textbook summary
March 21, 2006 09:04PM

I did this module last year, loved it, and have recently uploaded my summary of Emmerich to my website smiling smiley These notes are 20 pages long, and were re-worked three times during the year, as I got to understand the study material better. Download them and compare them with your own.

Feel free to upload your summaries as well, so that we have a bit of variety up there smiling smiley

Re: Textbook summary
March 23, 2006 09:07AM
Thanks Bronwen for looking in and saying nice things and sharing your notes.

Your suggestion of others uploading their summaries on to your site may well be a useful one and I am reluctant to discourage students from doing it - but please be assured that I will also be looking in so any carbon copies of one another will be dealt with harshly. Perhaps it might be wise for current students to not share their work with people they don't know until after the assignment due date. Reason being if someone simply duplicates your work it can be an impossible task to figure out which is the original.

Re: Textbook summary
March 23, 2006 08:50PM
Oops... Slipped my mind that this was an assignment question(!) The notes are down now... temporarily. They'll re-appear after the due date winking smiley which is When, btw?
Re: Textbook summary
March 31, 2006 08:54AM
Bronwyn I don't have a problem with yours being there if it can be of some assistance. I am just reluctant at present to advise students to upload their work to your site as it becomes difficult for me to figure out who may have copied whom. It should be pretty easy to figure out who has copied yours verbatim so I'm not worried about that.

Re: Textbook summary
April 03, 2006 08:03PM
Hi Bob,

No need to worry. No-one has contributed anything for COS311... yet, and when people upload docs they don't automatically appear on the site. Rather, I get an e-mail notification, and then manually insert the notes on the page - after proof-reading them winking smiley

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