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Making Circle

Posted by Japster 
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Making Circle
March 06, 2009 06:16PM
I have been struggling to make an circle for the head of the stickman for Assgnment 1. Can someone please just assist me. How do you go about drawing a circle?
avatar Re: Making Circle
March 06, 2009 07:35PM
From the Red Book:

#define PI 3.1415926535898
GLint circle_points = 100;
for (i = 0; i < circle_points; i++) {
angle = 2*PI*i/circle_points;
glVertex2f(cos(angle), sin(angle));

You can also use:
#include <cmath>
and then the constant M_PI which is defined in cmath.h
Re: Making Circle
March 14, 2009 02:44PM
Thanks. that was what i thought about using.
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