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To do, or not to do

Posted by Kyle 
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To do, or not to do
December 09, 2009 07:35AM
Hi All,

I was wondering what your personal experiences were from this subject. I have got the option to take it next year but am not sure if I want to put myself through it (hehe). My experience with the x01's has been as follows:

COS101 - Just made it. Was my worst mark, but it took me until a week before the exam to "grasp" set theory.
COS201 - In all honesty, I enjoyed it. I think I did well in the exam, but the stress of the subject is terrible. I don't know just yet how I did, but I think I did well.

So basically it'll be a choice of this, or something like IT Project Management. Any advice is welcomed.

avatar Re: To do, or not to do
December 09, 2009 08:09AM
As with Cos361, Cos301 is a continuation on Cos201. You learn a few machines/flow charts more - just make certain you don't get confused - that's where I struggle.
Re: To do, or not to do
December 09, 2009 08:35AM
I really struggled with COS101 and COS201, but hopefully nailed this one this year. I think with this subject in particular, you have to practice, practice, practice. Its the only way it sinks in...

Agree with Reanie on the continuation part...and the bonus is you dont have to buy another textbook because it uses the same as COS201.

Happy decision making!
avatar Re: To do, or not to do
December 09, 2009 09:09AM
I also found COS101 a struggle in 2007, but came through.
Did COS201 in 2008 and found it enjoyable. Will be doing COS301 in 2010

Will also do COS361 (now PLS3708 as a semester) No prescribed book.
Re: To do, or not to do
December 17, 2009 09:44AM
IMHO 101 wasn't that well explained in the textbook.

I really like the 201 and 301 textbook - these were two of my favourite modules.

I think it's def worth doing
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