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Assignment 2 : Question 6

Posted by ian.coetzer 
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Assignment 2 : Question 6
March 04, 2009 06:43PM
Hi, please take a look at the problem we are suppose to tackle, Pg. 429 3 (ii).
There is no production (left hand side) for Y, in X - > YZ and Z - > XY ...

Am I missing something? or is this okay??? surely Y must have a production??

S - > XS | b
X - > YZ
Z - > XY
X - > ab
Re: Assignment 2 : Question 6
March 04, 2009 09:29PM
Oh, well I managed to complete the question, the question in my first post above was not an issue in any of the steps I applied.
So I think it is ok, don't stress about it like i did.

Bye bye
Anonymous User
Re: Assignment 2 : Question 6
May 03, 2009 01:35PM
Ya. Also think nothin's wrong wit the question, at least i hope so
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