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Coding standards?

Posted by SkillS4eva 
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Coding standards?
February 01, 2010 07:52PM
I use Delphi 7. I'm on Exercise 2.7 in the book. They recommend you change the "Name" and "Caption" of the buttons and radio buttons in the gui. I found it easier to change the those properties in the procedure FormCreate. When the program launches you get the same look and result. I prefer it only because it helps me to understand as apposed to clicking a gui and typing a caption property for example.

1. Will we get access to add/edit the TForm1.FormCreate in the exam?
2. If so will Iose marks in the exam for doing this?

Re: Coding standards?
February 02, 2010 06:59AM
Hi there

Perhaps I am not understanding this, but for the exam you are required to write out the coding questions by hand -- that included the procedure, event handler etc.
So learn the examples exactly as they are written because come exam time you will have to answer these questions the way UNISA wants them answered. You will be marked on the syntax etc.

Hope this helps
avatar Re: Coding standards?
February 02, 2010 11:32AM
You are on the 2009 phorum - rather ask your questions on the 2010 phorum.
Re: Coding standards?
February 07, 2010 04:56PM
Thanks Reanie. I was wondering what happened to my post. Not sure how I landed up in the 2009 section grinning smiley Anyhow I've decided to follow the syntax and methods they use in the book.
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