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Posted by Renate 
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avatar Assignments
March 06, 2009 03:43PM
In Tutorial letter 501, rule 3 is "All code must be accompanied by a snapshot of the user interface of the unit"...

Does that mean a snapshot of the form, the unit with the applicable code inside or just a snapshot of the unit?
avatar Re: Assignments
March 07, 2009 03:12PM
Don't know - but I probably over killed and send in several screenshots. I'm pretty sure they will quickly figured out from the images if you did it yourself.

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avatar Re: Assignments
March 14, 2009 08:03AM
Thanks, uhm i'm having some issues with assignment2 q3.e. I'm don't have textbooks yet, any ideas where I could find the answer? Pm me
Re: Assignments
July 07, 2009 03:06PM
Kindly assist, is the software really important to have if you have a book?
Re: Assignments
July 09, 2009 09:22PM
the software is a must hav, u cnt do nothng without it

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Re: Assignments
July 13, 2009 02:51PM
How can I get hold of the software, I am struggling and in Pietermaritzburg.
Re: Assignments
August 09, 2009 12:26AM
I have problem how to make a print screen of the interface I used for programming. Can someone help me how to proceed please?
Email: Lcasimir@intnet.mu
Re: Assignments
August 17, 2009 11:48AM
Open paint, go to your design screen in Delphi press PrtSc button on your keyboard.

Goto to paint and press crtl and v buttons to paste.
Re: Assignments
August 24, 2009 09:32AM
I am struggling to run my application for assignment 2 question 1c and now I am stuck. Kindly assist. I have tried doing example 6.3 on the book and it also not running...!
Re: Assignments
September 16, 2009 05:41PM
assignment 2 Q3 is quite a handful. I have left it unanswered.
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