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Official Study Material

Posted by Anonymous User 
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Anonymous User
Official Study Material
five years ago
Hi there

Can somebody please download ALL the PDF Official Study Material from MyUnisa for COS111U and COS112V and then zip it up and email it to me to "sgioio@yahoo.com"? I would really appreciate it.

I've previously studied Electrical Engineering, and because of the previous subjects I've done I received an exemption for COS111U and COS112 V. I'm currently registered for COS113W.
Now I would like to brush up on those subject just to make sure I haven't missed anything so that I'm fully prepared for COS113W. I've enquired with UNISA about obtaining the study material but they can't help me because I'm not registered for those subjects. I also tried to register for the subjects just so that I can get the study material, but they wouldn't allow me to because I already have credits for these subject in the form of exemptions.

Hope somebody can help, would really appreciate it.

Kind regards

Hi again

Thanks alot, but I have the material now. It's been updated on OSPREY.

Thanks everyone
Re: Official Study Material
five years ago
No man - if you realy are a UNISA student you will know how to access all the study material on osprey and download it yourself. If you don't know, read your COS113 TL

In any case - 113 have nothing to do with 111 and 112 - they are programming intro, 113 is logic intro.

btw - if you are a 113 student - have you started yet. did you get your books. I see no movement on the 113 forums...
Anonymous User
Re: Official Study Material
five years ago
What are the chances of me passing while using 6th edition of the prescribed book.


avatar Re: Official Study Material
five years ago
That should be fine c++ hasnt changed since then.

Adults are always asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up because they are trying to get ideas.
- Paula Poundstone
Re: Official Study Material
five years ago
Please note that section 6.4 in the 6th edition corresponds more or less to section 10.4 in the 7th edition.
Mrs MA Schoeman
Module leader for COS112V
Re: Official Study Material
two years ago
I'm looking for the scope for ETH202P, ETH203Q, EDC1015, EED102G, PST103E and EED101F for May/June Examination.

Ndwandwe S.C.
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