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Activity 1.a Hello world

Posted by Renate 
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avatar Re: Activity 1.a Hello world
February 12, 2009 04:10PM
Oops !! I'm getting it all wrong ...it's time for me to pack up and call it a day !!
Sorry !! ... 4th last icon in the list !!smiling bouncing smiley
Re: Activity 1.a Hello world
February 28, 2009 06:46PM
Hi Guys I have beeen following this topic for some weeks. I have the same problem as Renate whereby the program doesn't compile and the message I get from the compiler is Line 2 unable to run program file. The program is at the bottom of the screen. The compiler just flashes, nothing displays. Thank you

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main ( )
cout << "Hello world";
return 0;
avatar Re: Activity 1.a Hello world
March 02, 2009 08:12AM
You mentioned that you followed this link .. so what have you learnt & tried thus far but you still experiencing problems ? ?eye rolling smiley
Re: Activity 1.a Hello world
March 06, 2009 07:37AM
I realised that that there are some of the tips that you gave Renate I didn't follow. I will try them. Thank you once more.
Re: Activity 1.a Hello world
March 06, 2009 07:42AM
The strange thing with the compiler, it works fine at work but at home it doesn't compile. What might be the problem?
avatar Re: Activity 1.a Hello world
March 06, 2009 08:29AM
Could be due to a lot of reasons.... the best thing to do is to check every little thing mentioned in the troubleshoot section ( this you can find on the software cd you suppose to have received ) and what was mentioned in this thread and take it from there.If you still have problems then you can PM me with the list of things that you tried (this way i can see that you have not missed anything)
Good luck !thumbs up
Re: Activity 1.a Hello world
March 09, 2009 02:15PM
I trouble shooted i.e opened directories and ensured that the console window was checked. Created a folder cos111 where all the work should be saved, Went to the path where the file is stored on my harddrive ( either C:\unisa\devcpp OR C:\unisa) and renamed Hello. World.cpp to HelloWorld.cpp Opened the file that I just renamed and run the program. Many thanks
avatar Re: Activity 1.a Hello world
March 09, 2009 03:02PM
No problem !! thumbs up smiley
eye rolling smileyhot smileyRe: Activity 1.a Hello world
October 04, 2010 01:16PM
Wiseguy Wrote:
> In Dev C++ ..on the file menu ... click on Tools
> >> Environment Options ...make sure that the check
> box "Console window remains open" is checked !
> Let me know ...smile
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