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has your assignments been marked?

Posted by Cameron 
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has your assignments been marked?
May 09, 2006 05:55PM
Am I the only one who is waiting for the assignemnts to be marked or it across the board.

I starting to getting worried...
assignments marked thanks
May 10, 2006 08:16PM
brilliant , I got over concerned a day to early.

inf206 graded.

Re: has your assignments been marked?
May 12, 2006 02:01PM
I see my assignment has not been graded yet :-(

Am I alone in this?
Re: has your assignments been marked?
May 16, 2006 04:32PM
Still not graded as of today. Not assignment 1 or 2.

sad smiley
Re: has your assignments been marked?
May 16, 2006 04:41PM
TL 201 posted today says not to worry about this. See below an extract

<< ------------------ >>

Due to a regulation imposed by the Department of Education as well as a Unisa management decision
on appointment of markers, the marking of assignment 1 could only commence at the end of April and
your assignment will take longer than usual to be returned to you.
Please consult the forum regularly for information on matters such as this. At this stage the assignments have been marked and should reach you soon.

We trust that you have enjoyed doing this assignment. Please do not be alarmed if the Unisa SOL does not show any percentages; they only reflect your credits.
Re: has your assignments been marked?
May 23, 2006 03:24PM
I got my marks on the 19th of May .
Re: has your assignments been marked?
May 24, 2006 12:34PM
Hi students,

At this stage about 952 assignments 1 for INF206 have been marked and returned to the students. I am waiting for a further 92 assignments to be returned to me. These assignments were received very late.

Assignment 2 is being marked at this stage, but I have only received about 550, and am waiting for the rest.


R Nienaber
Re: has your assignments been marked?
May 24, 2006 06:48PM
My assignemnt has been marked, thanks to all concerned.

It's just some of us get a bit paranoid; thinking that it could be a result of student error or it got eaten by the unisa monster...

My sympathies to the markers, 950 assignment to grade is quite a task.

Re: has your assignments been marked?
May 27, 2006 11:52AM
i remember last year, cos114 I think they had over 2000 or was it 4000 students...ouch!
Re: has your assignments been marked?
May 29, 2006 11:29PM

My assignment 1 was submitted on time and I still havent recieved my marks. I am starting to worry. Is there something wrong or is there someone else who also have not yet recieved their marks.
Re: has your assignments been marked?
May 30, 2006 02:16PM
It has been almost 2 months since we had to submit assignment 1 and still there are no results. I understand that there is a lot of assignments that needs to be marked but this delay makes it impossible to plan my studies

Now we need to do all the assignments just to make sure that you will qualify. I know this is the best thing to do but it is not always possible with a hectic schedule and with the semester exams in progress.

When will the points be made available?
Re: has your assignments been marked?
May 30, 2006 04:37PM
Stop wining, I haven’t received mine as well, just do your homework!!, if you listened to your parents and finished your studies after school you could have played outside every day after work couldn’t you?!!!
Re: has your assignments been marked?
June 04, 2006 05:09PM
Can one of the lecturers please post to this thread to let us know when all the assignments have been marked so we can see if our assignments actually got to the markers and back?
Re: has your assignments been marked?
June 05, 2006 01:31PM
I fail to see how , it becomes our problem about "waiting for assignments" "recieved late" etc , become our"the students" problem,
We expect a prompt responce with regards to marking. When we submit late or dant have the enuff credits for exams .. as stated very rude and saracsticaly "DONT CALL US". so those excuses are unexecptable.

We would like to know where we have been going wronge , before continuing with other assignments.

So stop with the lame excuses. "ONLY GROWN UPS STUDY AT UNISA" so i hope "ONLY GROWN UPS WORK AT UNISA" also . now can we have out marks without any excuses ???

Re: has your assignments been marked?
June 06, 2006 05:47PM
Well, me for one know that my assignment was not sent in late. It is stamped by SOL so I have proof of this.

An then once again I checked today just to see what I've expected, none of my 3 assignments have been marked up to today.

I think that "LATE" may be a delay in the printing department also because for sure I was on time with submitting my assignment. We are also not 1000's of students doing INF206.

Check the classlist and you will find that we are 641 students in this course which is not as bad as the other modules which I'm taking but which also have better turnaround times for assignments.

confused smiley
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