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Assignment 1 Cancelled

Posted by Raven 
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Assignment 1 Cancelled
March 23, 2006 11:57AM
I don't know if anybody had this problem as well. I submitted my assignment 1 on the 19th of March and today it was cancelled (I didn't cancel it?)
avatar Re: Assignment 1 Cancelled
March 23, 2006 11:04PM
did you send an e-mail to the bugmaster?
Re: Assignment 1 Cancelled
March 25, 2006 09:51AM
Did you maybe get an email saying that it cannot be printed?
They sometimes cancell it because of the assignment being unprintable
Re: Assignment 1 Cancelled
April 15, 2006 05:46PM
well, the people at SOL must be smoking their socks. How can you post an incorrect due date for a compulsory assignment?

How can you just cancel an assigment without notifying the student?

geez, UNISA must get their act together. I am so pissed off right now.

I guarantee the head of INF and SOL wont have a good week if I decide to go and complain.
My.UNISA - ITC's and Beta Testing
April 21, 2006 02:58PM

I have to lend my voice to the concerns and problems that UNISA seem to blatantly ignore.

There has been a steady deterioration in the service levels especially in communication and co-ordination from UNISA.

What for me is even more startling is that the department offering Information Management courses, cannot even utilise the technologies it is offering training and tuition on correctly ?

I have raised these points in previous years of study [having been with UNISA for almost 10yrs, and on my 2nd degree after graduating with a BA in Information Science in 2002]

I understand the issues of almalgamation and integration with TSA etc, but seriously utilising ITC's to assist to manage this process and streamline UNISA engaging productively and efficiently with its student base, seems to something UNISA is battling to grip adequately.

The debate should continue.

Regarding My.Unisa - ever heard of Beta testing before releasing a live version ?

Just my opinion.


Richard Smith
BA, BCom- Informatics [2nd yr]
Re: Assignment 1 Cancelled
March 15, 2019 10:27AM
I also experienced problem same as yours,did u get the help u needed
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