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Posted by ilanpillemer 
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avatar sigh
May 19, 2008 01:21AM
oh well..

I didn't manage to completely implement the FOIL algorithm.
I did get a working program though and it did work out a definition.

But only just; and could not extend across variables. (It was
the EXTEND-EXAMPLE function that I didn't succeed with.)

sad smiley

But it did learn a little, so I'm not completely down in the dumps.

[ilan@pillemer FOIL]$ java Foil 2>log
Testing Foil
Father(a,b) V GreatGrandParent(a,b) V Mother(a,b) V GrandParent(a,b) => Ancestor(a,b)
[ilan@pillemer FOIL]$

Anyone else do any better and have a few comments about how to implement EXTEND-EXAMPLES properly?

  ,= ,-_-. =.
 ((_/)o o(\_))
  `-'(. .)`-'
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