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Posted by Kilhra 
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September 11, 2008 07:35AM
How are everyone studying for this?
It seems to be a huge amount of work...not too boring luckily
Re: exams
January 11, 2009 04:54PM

Don't know if anyone is reading this??

Want to know how everyone is preparing for this exam - any chapter(s) you think are more important than the others? Any idea how we should interpret "the assignments should form an integral part of your studying" or whatever the exact words were in the exam letter?

Please, I need some support for this exam, it's my last one for Hons and I can't study any more!!!!! smile

Re: exams
January 12, 2009 08:45AM
I have a list of things that I think are fairly important.
I haven't really looked at the assignments yet, will be doing that this week.

I think we'll definitely have to do an encryption/decryption

Key change could be important as well as digital signatures

Chapter 3

* Different types of viruses
* controls applied during software development to prevent failures
* Encapsulation and coupling
* techniques for building good software
* differentiate between faults and failures

Chapter 4

* comparison of directory, access control list and access control matrix
* Authentication

Chapter 5

* Characteristics of a trusted protocol
* Security policies
* Design principles particular to security
* key features of a trusted operating system

Chapter 6

* Requirements for database security
* Situations affecting integrity of databases
* Corrective action of DBMS
* Two phase update (very important I think)
* Ways to determine sensitive data from a database and ways to prevent this

Chapter 7

* Compare link encryption to end to end encryption
* public key interface
* certificate authority
* Kerberos
* Types of firewall - comparison
* Intrusion detection system
* Secure email systems

Chapter 8

* Issues a security system must address
* Risk analysis
* risk leverage
* steps of risk analysis

Good luck!
Re: exams
January 12, 2009 09:10AM
Thank you!

I think your list more or less covers a lot of what is in the assignments.

Still a lot of work to cover though... it's working on my nerves! smile

Good luck to you too!
Re: exams
January 19, 2009 12:48PM
How'd you do guys..... seemed alright to me
Re: exams
January 19, 2009 08:07PM
Yes, fairly confident that it was a "pass" this morning. grinning smiley
Re: exams
January 20, 2009 07:43AM
I found it fairly easy, so i think I should pass if not do well

I'm just not entirely sure how the answers they want for an honours paper differs from 3rd year etc, so that is my only slight concern, that my answers will not be considered long/detailed enough
Re: exams
January 21, 2009 08:57AM
Sorry guys n gals, any of you willing to sell your textbook?

After the exam of course
Re: exams
January 21, 2009 09:23AM
hi mtshepane - i have a textbook - give me mail on ross.fleming@intecbilling.com
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