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Confused with project

Posted by Dorac 
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Confused with project
October 22, 2008 02:47PM
Hi guys, would have asked this alot sooner, but my telephone cables in my home area were stolen (not joking) so i have to use my pc at work.

im confused with the layout of this project, page 4 of 7 shows the application layout. Here are my questions:

1. Which of the 5 pages is viewed first (student registration form, course list,student list etc)? Project says "Greeted with a switch board-type-view" which is what exactly?

2. RP 1, RP2, VR1,VR2, MS1. What is all that and what does it mean. Sorry for sounding stupid but i'm really baffled by this.

Thanks for the help
Anonymous User
Re: Confused with project
October 22, 2008 05:04PM
Hi Dorac,
I hope you are doing fine these days - sorry for the cables.

Let me try to give you some support:

To 1.
Switchboard here means that this is something like a starting or index page from where you go to the four other pages: registration, managing students, managing courses, view registrations

To 2.
RP, VR, MS and MC are abbreviations

RP = registration page
MS = managing students page
MC = managing courses page
VR = view registrations page

Hope this helps

Take care
Re: Confused with project
October 23, 2008 11:22AM
Yes doing awesome thanks Iris hope you are as well smiling smiley we can start another debate sometime when we bored tongue sticking out smiley he he.

And yes that all does help thank you grinning smiley
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