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you may want to consider this!

Posted by Mac 
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you may want to consider this!
July 24, 2008 08:13AM
We are looking for junior PHP programmers (even ones starting now). We are based in the south of Johannesburg and are programming for 17 clients. In the last two months we had to turn away 6 customers as we do not have the capacity to take on more tasks. Three of those companies indicated that they will not go to another programmer, but asked us to put them on a waiting list.

We are willing to teach, guide and assist in all ways possible to help our PHP Programmers. We will respond to every application and each one will be assessed on its merit.
We understand that some programmers are looking for full-time employment, while others wish to work on hourly rates - we will look at all options and attempt to find the optimal way of utilising our programmers. Hard work will be rewarded!!

Please do not hesitate to respond if you are interested in an exciting opportunity with a growing Company.

082 412 5774
011 867 7500
Re: you may want to consider this!
August 09, 2008 07:30PM
I now I may come across dumb ,but Itook a dip into the deep end ,I have never done html or anythig to do with web designing ,but I can program ,so please can someone help me and tell me how to get my first page to display, I think I don't know how to get my Personal Web Server running on XP or should I do Everything with Windows98 ?

Thanx A Lot

Aint it over 'til it is
Re: you may want to consider this!
August 11, 2008 07:14AM
Mmmm, html is a prerequisite for this course, so don't expect any help that is html-related (that's like us offering you two courses in one!!)

You problem is not html however. First read the tutorial letter carefully - it points out that you don't just post questions anywhere - there is an order to how we use the forums smiling smiley e.g. this question should thus be under installation problems!

I know that you did not read the tut letter (I know everything smiling smiley since if you did, you would have read that you are not supposed to install PWS. In fact, you should ignore the installation as per the manual...!
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