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Installation on Windows XP

Posted by Labuschagne 
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Installation on Windows XP
July 14, 2008 08:52PM
This'll teach me to read my tutorials!
I didn't read the whole thing and was getting a bit worried that I couldn't use Windows Personal Server with XP.

Luckily I started reading the posts in the forum.

Everything's installed and up and running.

Re: Installation on Windows XP
August 09, 2008 08:06PM
I'm running XP and I just recently got my pc etc...I've started late and I don't have Experience in Web Development ,How do you set up Personal Web Server on Xp cause I thinK that's my problem...I believe I've installed everything correctly ,except that and perhaps my directories.Everything else in running except my firstscript.php won't display in my browser...why PLEASE help ..Desperate


Re: Installation on Windows XP
August 09, 2008 09:27PM
Everything seems to have installed properly on my pc ,but I still can't get my PHP scripts to display on my browser,is it because of IIS on my XP or are my directories set wrongly ? please help

Thank You in advance.
Re: Installation on Windows XP
August 11, 2008 07:08AM
Unfortunately it is difficult to answer your question based on what you provide. There could be a hundred reasons, but if you have ISS running then it must be off since it will clash with XAMPP.Google for
xampp iis
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