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Query over Honors applications

Posted by visnaicker 
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avatar Query over Honors applications
January 04, 2009 04:02PM
My friend got her BSomething at UKZN. Now she wants to apply for honors and because of the limited intake at UKZN she also wants to apply at Unisa and may register here if she does not get in. She is confused over applying via the CAO, and a friends mom told her that she should to come in to Unisa (Dbn campus) and apply via the CAO form.

Applying to Unisa is a new thing, normally one would just apply & register in one go. As she is not clear on the details, she is going to the DBN campus ASAP, which means that being crowded with the matriculants, and undergrads that weren't able to do it online.

This all means that she is going to be floundering around in queues etc. Anyone have a bit of advice on this? Can she avoid the queues and just fax/etc the paperwork instead?
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