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Where am I, where can I go

Posted by Sophie 
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Where am I, where can I go
September 23, 2008 12:50PM

I am desperate - I wish to include the above in my site, but could not find the instructions to do it. (sample code)

Please help
Anonymous User
Re: Where am I, where can I go
September 23, 2008 01:28PM
Hi Sophie,
I dont know much here but what would you like to include in your site, because when I view this message nothing comes up??
Re: Where am I, where can I go
September 23, 2008 02:36PM
In the usibility factors - Navigation (Assignment 3) the text "Home->Products->Downloads" are used to show that a link can be created to identify your location on a large site.

It can usually be seen at the top of the content pages on major sites. I cannot find the appropriate codes/explanation on how to do it.

Hope this is more understandable.

Re: Where am I, where can I go
September 23, 2008 04:00PM
It called a breadcrumb - I think Dreamweaver can do it
Re: Where am I, where can I go
September 25, 2008 09:13AM
Thanks - I will try it
Re: Where am I, where can I go
September 26, 2008 10:09AM
Here is an example of a Dreamweaver Extension:


Helping people find their way to your home!
What does Breadcrumbs do?
Breadcrumbs places a navigation element on the page which reflects the structure of the site's folders and a path back to home along this folder structure. Breadcrumbs are where you are at in relation to home, not where you have been.

Sets up navigation in under a minute.
Works for all JavaScript enabled customers.
Integrate in a template for a one minute sitewide navigation solution.
Takes away the worry of laboring in JavaScript and gets it working.
Saves you time.
Features of Breadcrumbs:
Text or Image delimiters for the trail.
Handles any type of default main page for folders.
CSS Styles for all of the elements in the trail.
Select either normal or reversed display.
Keep the title in line or put it on a new line.
JavaScript is required.
Requires a uniformed named file in each folder (like index.html or default.asp)
See Croutons for a navigation element which is where you have been and not the breadcrumb trail to the home page.

Breadcrumbs Quick Guide:
Load a page from your current site.
Click on the page where you want the trail to be displayed.
Run the Breadcrumbs command.
Enter the site root directory.
Enter the text delimiter or the image delimiter. This will appear between the links in the breadcrumb trail.
Enter a deault page, this page must appear in all folders and can be named anything, typical entries are index.html, index.php, index.cfm, default.asp or index.asp.
Select the CSS styles for the Crumb (the links), the Title (the page's title the trail ends at) and the Text Delimiter (the thing in between the Crumbs)
The direction controls if the links will go from home to the page through the folders or from the page to home down the folders.
Select the checkbox for the title on a new line if you want the title on a new line.
Click OK
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