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problems with firefox

Posted by Anonymous User 
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Anonymous User
problems with firefox
September 19, 2008 01:50PM
Hi toby

me again, just wanted to know if anyone else was having problems using Firefox. I complete a task in Windows explorer and it looks fab, and in Firefox nothing happens, what gives?

Here's a link to the html page in question, and yes toby this time I have loaded it up on the server.

here is the link

Belinda Bal
Re: problems with firefox
September 20, 2008 08:11AM
yes that seems to be a problem with some of the Masterskill exercises - see http://osprey.unisa.ac.za/phorum/read.php?257,88544

What is the lesson number? - does the solution give the same problem?
Anonymous User
Re: problems with firefox
September 22, 2008 09:39AM
Hi toby

no unfortunately the lesson does not have a solution, its activity 4.1 on page 138.

I read what Helena wrote and will bear it in mind when I get to those lessons.

Thanks anyway,
Re: problems with firefox
September 22, 2008 11:00AM
There are solutions for all the activities - look in C:\CSS\Positioning\solution files\info.html

This works fine for me in both Firefox and IE

I agree that the file you uploaded does not work - compare it with the solution file as noted above
Anonymous User
Re: problems with firefox
September 23, 2008 01:25PM
thanks, I was dreaming about how stupid my comment was about the activity having no solution, I know it does, dont know what came over me at the time, must have been having a blonde moment, not that I'm blonde!
thanks again, and will do.
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