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Dynamic styles

Posted by geromont 
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Dynamic styles
September 02, 2008 03:57PM
I seem to be having a problem viewing dynamics styles with Firefox (works fine with IE). For example, I can't view the map arrows in jscode/webpages/xmap.html. Could this be a function of my browser settings?
I've also been trying to use the "hidden"/"visible" options in javascript for Netscape version>4, to make images appear/disappear on the webpage - doesn't seem to work.
Any suggestions?
Re: Dynamic styles
September 03, 2008 04:46PM
I cannot get it too work using either Firefox 3 or 2 - even with all the advanced JavaScript options checked on - see assignment2.pdf on how to set these options.

Netscape - do not worry about it - development on it has stopped.

So I suppose this is an example of something that only works on IE - did you try Safari?
Re: Dynamic styles
September 05, 2008 12:23AM
Thanks for having a look at it.
Yup, tried Safari, but have the same problems as with Firefox. In the meantime I've taken another route as far as the "visibility" option is concerned by using image swapping. At least the latter is not browser dependent.
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