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Task 6A - 1 12 July 2008

Posted by phpart 
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Task 6A - 1 12 July 2008
July 12, 2008 06:00PM
Use an Internet search engine (such as www.dogpile.com / www.google.com to find Web sites that explain techniques for hacking into networks and other computers, Phrases you might try include “hacking,” “cracking,” and “security”

Discuss the following with your classmates:

1) What sort of hacking tools and techniques are described or readily available for download?

The following website explains and provides links to applications used for hacking a web server;


This site is very useful because it explains n detail the following tools / procedures used to hack into a webserver.

Exploiting URL parsing

Exploiting poorly validated input parameters

Exploiting SQL injection

2) How do you suppose these techniques might be prevented?

Being truly “clued up” with the processes above will provide great insight as to how to secure your web servers and PC for that matter. If you create a website that anticipates all the above mentioned means of attack it will make the Hackers task so much more difficult.
Or one could employ a company like Hacker Safe who is a reputable company that checks your website on a daily basis and are the industry BEST in security when it come to your website, but do take not that they are REALLY expencive!

3) Is it good that such detailed instructions are so freely available on the internet?

Yes it is a good thing.

4) Should network administrators monitor hacker sites? Why or why not?

Sites like this are a great place for security companies and interested parties to learn about potential threatening tools that could be used to break into their servers. It keeps them (the security companies) up to date on new technologies and trends.

Re: Task 6A - 1 12 July 2008
July 14, 2008 01:00PM
There is a major distinction made between hacking and cracking. A hacking website I looked at dealt with useful open source software. However,a cracking website Yacam had plenty of documents and software to download, for example flooders, trojans and network sniffers.

Security problems could be prevented using security software, authentication, firewalls, etc.

I would imagine it is better to have such info readily available on the internet in order to keep track of the latest cracking techniques and tools, thus being able to upgrade security software to deal with these latest security breaches.

Yes, system administartors need to keep track of all security issues.
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