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Task 1C-1 Question 1

Posted by Anonymous User 
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Anonymous User
Task 1C-1 Question 1
July 12, 2008 11:40AM
Well its definitely the first world countries that set the trends, and as far as “trends” go, we seem to have mastered them all. It already provides us with every basic want and need i.e. Banking online; Shopping – buying and selling in all forms whether on ebay, loot, amazon, itunes etc; Businesses – 90% of IT based employees are already linked up via their laptops and do not need to go into the office; Media – you can watch TV via the internet, tune into a radio station in another country, post your own movies online, etc; Education – studying online such as we are to general research for school or uni; Communication – Emails, online faxes, skype, facebook, chatrooms or forums, find your perfect partner on online dating, etc. the list is endless. However, if we look at our own country in terms of trends, I would say it is to catch up to the rest of the world first in terms of user access both private and business and increased bandwidth. As far as global trends go, I would say that security should be the highest trend for the future, not just to protect your device that logs you online but: imagine - if we are able to see our own houses via google earth now…. what else are we and others going to be able to see via the interent in the future? Big Brother is watching you!
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