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Task 1C - 1 10 July 2008

Posted by phpart 
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Task 1C - 1 10 July 2008
July 10, 2008 03:13PM
Hi there fellow students!

I have read most of the posts on this forum and I'm glad to see the various opinions on the questions. It is a great communication point for us all and it's even better that we all have different answers to the questions, it makes one aware of many differnet views and even resorces.

The Question
In addition to the trends listed above, what trends do you see emerging in regards to the Internet.

The Answer (My opinion)
As an internet user I mainly use it to find manufacturers, distributors of products, and these products vary intensely. There is also a huge amount of social interaction on many sites which brings people together with the same interests. Like this forum for example.

I see the internet moving a lot more to the handheld market, providing people instant access to communities, company listings, music & video downloads, as well as music & video uploads from their mobile devices.

Besides that I also see trends in online commerce via the mobile phone, a great initiative that has only been up and coming for the last 3 years.

Another field that has been mentioned is that of proprietary license checks on software over the internet. This is a vital integration on behalf of all software companies out there.

Re: Task 1C - 1 10 July 2008
July 14, 2008 12:27AM
Internet content has moved from mainly text to text with graphics and, more recently, the inclusion of audio and video thanks to download speeds increasing. Presumably, we will see more audio/video content in future. For example, news will be available much like it's seen on TV rather than text format. All will be accessible at fast data transfer speeds, with ease of mobility taking precedence.
Education could be targetted. For example, websites could be designed to target pupils of particular age groups/grades for subjects like languages, maths and science. The webpages could include audio/video classroom style content, applets or plug-ins with animation and interactive educational games,PDF downloadable files containing execrcises and tests, links to other sites with supporting info and research, etc. These websites would of course be free and accessible to anybody (pupils/teachers/parents) anywhere in the world (3rd world pupil could get a 1st world education).
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