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Assignment3 Exercise 5.3

Posted by ToKnowOrNotToKnow 
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Assignment3 Exercise 5.3
June 12, 2006 06:13AM
I'm a bit at lost with what exactly they want for this answer?

Is it simply the DocumentBase and CodeBase as a string printed to the applet?

If so then why do they recomment using URL.toString() if we could simply use getCodeBase().toString() ?

Any ideas?

confused smiley
avatar Re: Assignment3 Exercise 5.3
June 19, 2006 08:13AM
Thats what I used...Don't know if it's right ??? confused smiley
Re: Assignment3 Exercise 5.3
June 20, 2006 11:06AM
To all who could not find the URL class.

use: import java.net.URL;

PS: Is there an easy way to find the code of a class?
Is there an easy way to view the code of a class that
is imported like the one above?

The idea here is to be able to do something in java that is not explained in the text.
Re: Assignment3 Exercise 5.3
June 21, 2006 09:54PM
I think it's just a hint to use toString(), since get*Base() returns a URL. I just declared two URL variables to make it clear was using the that class.
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