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Peer-to-peer collaborative learning

Posted by ssemus 
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Peer-to-peer collaborative learning
May 29, 2008 12:44PM
I am Sam Ssemugabi – a Senior Lecturer at the School of Computing at UNISA. I am doing a pilot study to determine the extent to which students engage in peer-to-peer corroborative learning. I will be grateful if I could get feedback from you on the following questions with respect to your tertiary study at UNISA or any other institution.

Question 1 (Q1)
On the UNISA registration form, there is this question: “May your name, e-mail address and contact numbers be given to fellow students for academic purposes?�. State the response you gave to this question and briefly explain why you gave that response.

Question 2 (Q2)
Consider the statements:
“Discussing subject-related problems with other students doing the same course, helps me to learn the subject better.
This is especially the case in technical subjects such as those that involve programming�.
What is your comment on these statements?

Question 3 (Q3)
Which of the following methods would you prefer to use for collaborative learning with other students? [You may choose more than one; can comment on it/them , and give your experience in using it/them, if any]:
Face-to-face (for example, in or outside a classroom) ; telephone; email; discussion forum (like those on MyUnisa or Osprey); Instant Messaging; Video conferencing; blogs; Wikis; Social networks such as MySpace and Facebook.

You may give your responses on this discussion forum or e-mail them to me at ssemus@unisa.ac.za

Thank you for your contribution.
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