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make not found qt

Posted by PretoriaSux 
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avatar make not found qt
January 23, 2008 06:38PM
Hi all,

When I start up Qide, i get the following warning message:
make not found
Verify your Environment variables

Does anyone know if make.exe is critical for this module and if it is where can I find it? I know qmake.exe is in the correct folder C:\Qt\4.1.1\bin but i can't find make.exe anywhere.

Thanks - all help is appreciated.
Anonymous User
Re: make not found qt
January 23, 2008 07:13PM
Pretoria does not suck, it has the mildest weather in the country. That said, read the section on make and qmake again. Make and qmake are very important, you'll be dealing with them directly and indirectly for the rest of the year.
avatar Re: make not found qt
January 23, 2008 07:16PM
Read the instructions for Cos211, Troubleshooting. You need to change some settings re gmake.exe.

Copied the info below:
It is possible that Dev-C++ doesn't know where the MinGW compiler is. Check the following in "Tools | Compiler Options" under the "Directories" tab:

* C:\unisa\mingw\bin should be added to "Binaries".
* C:\unisa\mingw\lib should be added to "Libraries".
* C:\unisa\mingw\include should be added to "C Includes".
* "C++ Includes" should be empty.

Note that if you installed the MinGW compiler in a directory other than the default (i.e. not in C:\unisa\mingw) then you will have to change these paths accordingly.

Also check that the correct make program is being used: Click on "Tools | Compiler Oprions" and then on the "Programs" tab. Make sure that mingw32-make.exe is specified as the make program (and not gmake.exe).

If you get an error of this type:
C:\unisa\xxxx\Makefile.win [Build Error] * [xxx_private.res] Error 1
during make, retry the make/compile again and the error should dissappear.
avatar Re: make not found qt
January 24, 2008 08:13AM
Hi guys thanks for the help. My problem was fixed by adding C:\unisa\mingw\bin to the path. For those running windows XP / 2000 you can change your path by:
right clicking on my computer.
Select the advanced tab.
Select Environment variables
Locate path and edit it you will need to add
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