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Posted by rezrovs 
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March 06, 2008 05:59PM
I'd like to know what tools other people use to draw diagrams on their computers. By diagrams I mean specifically FA's, TG's and PDA's.

I've found this thing called Halex and was wondering if anyone else uses it or if other people could recommend other software.

avatar Re: Drawings
March 06, 2008 09:19PM
I use MS Publisher to make the drawings. Then copy/paste it into the assignment Word doc with the rest of my answer.
Re: Drawings
March 07, 2008 07:07AM
I use MS Visio, save it as .gif and then insert it into a Word doc...
Re: Drawings
March 07, 2008 09:33AM
I am with Ferdie, Visio -> gif -> Word.
Re: Drawings
March 07, 2008 08:32PM
I use Dia
Re: Drawings
March 08, 2008 03:41PM
I submit all my assignments using LaTeX, so GasTeX is the package I use to do the FA's, TG's etc.

Makes very pretty diagrams, but takes as much time to capture the assignment as what it does to answer the questions...
avatar Re: Drawings
March 26, 2008 08:53AM
i did mine in tex too, just the right way to do it winking smiley

Re: Drawings
March 26, 2008 08:59AM
Yup, TeX / LaTeX rules! thumbs up

Now, if I could only find a way to flatten the condition (READ) boxes. They look a bit too 'square'.

Any ideas (without having to draw then all manually...)?
avatar Re: Drawings
March 26, 2008 09:05AM
that was my first PDA drawing, glanced at the book to see roughly how they wanted it drawn. actually it's quicker and easier for me to directly typeset my assignments than to transcribe it from pencil+paper (always did the assignments hours before deadline).

in later assignments i drew them with two half-circles on either side of the box, looks pretty much like the textbook. hmmm i wonder if i still have some cos301 assignments banging around...
Re: Drawings
March 26, 2008 09:50AM
As a matter of interest, would you mind posting your TeX code for the PDA you included in you previous post? I'd just like to compare it to the way I'm doing it.

Here's a quick, hacked version of one. Don't look too closely at the PDA, as it probably won't make much sense.

Source code
avatar Re: Drawings
March 26, 2008 09:56AM
it seems i've lost the code and only have the resulting EPS file sad smiley

my pda wasn't perfect either, it's missing the pushing/popping/checking for null stuff (didn't look in the textbook at all when i made it winking smiley)
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