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An excellent resource for linux users

Posted by Anonymous User 
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Anonymous User
An excellent resource for linux users
May 27, 2008 05:17PM
I'm currently working through the following Programming from the ground up in preparation for assignment 3. I find the explanations here on addressing modes and other stuff to be much better then the study guide.

I'm actually glad that I'm repeating this module cause I never got to do assembly properly the first time around smiling smiley

avatar Re: An excellent resource for linux users
May 27, 2008 05:57PM
Thanks bini!

Any extra help in this module is always welcome!smile
Anonymous User
Re: An excellent resource for linux users
May 27, 2008 06:25PM
The best resource, imo, is "Assembly Language Step by Step" by Jeff Duntemann. I bought the pre-nasm edition for $0.01 from Amazon Jan 2007. I heard from a friend that it is possible to emule the nasm edition. He takes you through the basics of assembly (read from the first page and don't skip. The meat is at the end) and then you *must* practice those 10 examples from your study guide. 20% or so of your paper comes from that. FWIW, I really enjoyed being able to programme a bit in assembly. About as useful as latin though. Or sanskrit winking smiley
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