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COS212 and COS214 clarity

Posted by djbass 
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COS212 and COS214 clarity
October 21, 2006 10:28AM

I am suppose to finish my degree next year in ITM with only four modules to pass{Strategic Mangmnt 3A & 3B, COS311, COS321}. i need someone to clarify me wether i have to do java-COS214 as it appear as a compulsory module in my stream(ITM), but i did COS212 before java was introduced as a compuslory module.

And UNISA state that BSc Degree comprise of 30 modules of which if i do java i will have 31 modules on my credit/degree.

Plz somone clarify me......................


avatar Re: COS212 and COS214 clarity
October 23, 2006 08:48AM
you'll have to contact a lecturer on this and / or Unisa.
The general email address for COS214 would be COS214@osprey.unisa.ac.za.
Also, Mr Ken Halland is listed as a senior lecturor: hallakj@unisa.ac.za
Re: COS212 and COS214 clarity
November 04, 2006 10:55AM
Oh the wonderful UNISA screwing around with degrees again...
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