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Exam 2005 - Question 8 ?

Posted by esckay 
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Exam 2005 - Question 8 ?
October 07, 2006 09:29AM

Hope someone can help me, I am a bit stuck with this one. Question 8 c .... level-order ?

I dont know if I worked a bit crap through the text book or if I missed some info, but I cant recall level-order traversal, I know the inorder, preorder and postorder binary tree traversals ... but level-order?

Can someone please shed some light on this?

Re: Exam 2005 - Question 8 ?
October 07, 2006 09:40AM
Sorry, I forgot about Question 8 e. I am struggling with this one as well. Any help will be appreciated.

Re: Exam 2005 - Question 8 ?
October 07, 2006 11:20AM
I think that by level-order sequence they may be referring to in-order traversal which is one of the three traversal methods available. The other two are pre- and post-order. Haven't seen anything in the textbook about level-order.
Re: Exam 2005 - Question 8 ?
October 07, 2006 06:59PM
Isnt level-order traversal similiar to breadth traversal ?
Re: Exam 2005 - Question 8 ?
October 08, 2006 01:05PM
VERY cool site, it shows you the binary tree traversals, apparently level-order traversal = breath traversal.


Also, this one lets you design your own tree and then traverse it

The orders come out as:


Re: Exam 2005 - Question 8 ?
October 08, 2006 01:44PM
level order is when the nodes are traversed level by level. The level order of the tree given will be 50, 30 , 80, 25, 40, 96.
Re: Exam 2005 - Question 8 ?
October 08, 2006 06:59PM
Though so, I read something similiar on a site ... but I dont think is fair is they ask questions not covered in the sylibus.
Re: Exam 2005 - Question 8 ?
October 08, 2006 08:53PM
In the section on binary tree traversals they refer only to three methods: inorder, postorder and preorder. In my opinion last year's exam was referring to inorder traversal.
Re: Exam 2005 - Question 8 ?
October 09, 2006 08:39AM
I had a bit more of a search on the net, and from what I found level-order=breadth traversal.

I know if wasnt covered in the text book, but my bet will be to do level order traversal. Priint the tree level by level starting at the root and from left to right. A queue is used to implement this traversal algorithm.
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