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old xams
October 03, 2006 10:21AM
Call me stupid but I have two old xam papers and I can figure out what to do with the Big(O) questions, the format in asking the question differs from the one’s we got the in the assignments,

those ones I can do

I need an example if possible
Re: old xams
October 03, 2006 02:06PM
I'm also struggling to figure out the Big(O) question. confused smiley
Re: old xams
October 03, 2006 03:33PM
I'm busy with the 2004 example exam and the BigO questions are confusing me as well. I get Question 1a but am struggling with 1b.
Anonymous User
Re: old xams
October 03, 2006 06:54PM
any answers for the big'O of 2004 & 2005?
Re: old xams
October 04, 2006 08:55AM
Hi here are some solutions for the 2004/2005 big oh questions

2004 question 1b)

algorithm A - O(n) as n increases by 10 the running time also increases by 10.

algorithm B - O(n2) (that's n squared) as n increases by 10 the running time increases by 10 squared (ie 100).

algorithm C - O(log n)(thats log to the base 10) the running time increases slowly. Running time T = 10 log n - 10.

When you see that the running time is increasing slowly it is most likely a log function.

2005 question 1a)

Algorithm A O(n) see A above

Algorithm B O(n log n) (thats log to the base 10) Running time T = 2n log n.

If you look at this algorithm you will notice that it is not quite O(n) nor is O(n squared). It is someting in between hence it most likey O(n log n). From this you can determine that T=2n log n.

Re: old xams
October 05, 2006 11:43PM

I have recently moved and have not received any post from UNISA lately. Can anyone please send me exam papers to

Did we receive any answer to the exam papers ? If not, does anyone have any suggested solutions.

Please help ....

Re: old xams
October 06, 2006 10:31PM

I completed the exam tonight and made a word doc. Anyone want to double check my answers and discuss them ?

Mail me at

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