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Posted by Nancy 
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September 10, 2006 05:13PM
Forwarded with my email with the lecturer, hope all of you find it useful! The bold face is the reply with the lecturer. If you also have similiar information, please share it...

Dear Student

Please find answers to your questions

Question 1:
There is a print error on tutorial letter 204, page 7, line 2:
d) Breadth First Traversal: V0 V2 V3 V2 V5 V4

Should the correct one be: V0 V1 V3 V2 V5 V4 ?
Yes this is the correct one.
Question 2:
Malik, p237, Iterators.

How do we declare the following five types of iterators, what are their types?
· Input iterators
· Output iterators
· Forward iterators
· Bidirectional iterators
· Random access iterators
Page 241 of Malik shows one how to declare iterators. Read this and come back to me if you have any questions. Iterators will not be tested in the exams.

Question 3:
For COS211-X, what do you emphasis on this module? Is how much the student understands the concept, or how much the student memorizes the concept? Do we need to memorize the codes appeared in Malik?

To understand the assignment type of questions very well, does it mean we could do well in our exam? Please do not put the fill- in-missing-words type of question in the exam as some other INF modules do, it's not a good method to measure how much you understand the concept.

This emphasis in this module is programming hence in the exams you will find many programming exercises. You need to understand the concepts. There are no fill in the blank type questions. You will not be asked to rehash any code found in Malik therefore it would make no sense to memorize the code but you need to understand how the code works.
Good luck for the exams
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