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Finally Assignment Marks In Order!

Posted by rockman 
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Finally Assignment Marks In Order!
August 23, 2006 12:32AM
Hi Everybody! cool smiley
Finally got all my credits for 211. Got assignment 2 and 3 almost at the same time. Assignment 4 i checked yesterday and got 41 credits.Just dont know what the assignment department was up to. Now for the final hurdle, the exam. Just suggesting if we could use this forum to tackle exam questions coz i got some questions from some previous papers(October 2004 & January 2005) where questions were based on Weiss, the text book for this module b4 Malik. If you are cool with that i can put up some questions which we can all go over. Otherwise watch this space for 211 questions.

Hope you all do qualify for the exam.

L8r All!
Re: Finally Assignment Marks In Order!
August 28, 2006 04:53PM
That would be great. I don't have any idea what to expect in these exams. Where did you get the papers from?

Re: Finally Assignment Marks In Order!
August 28, 2006 05:24PM
I have not had marks for assignment 4 yet. Luckily previous adds up to 114. I really feel that we could as well have obtained the knowledge without UNISA as there was no help at all!!
Re: Finally Assignment Marks In Order!
September 05, 2006 02:05AM
Hi Everybody! cool smiley

Sorry for taking long to get back to you about the exam papers. The problem was that someone who did this module last year only gave me the electronic version(pdf) of the exam tut for last year late yesterday(4/09/2006). So if anyone wants a copy you can just mail me and i'll send it to you. My email is boga_mania@yahoo.com. The other paper i managed to get was actually a sup paper for Jan-2005 but this one is a hard copy. When i get time, i'll type the questions on this forum so we can go over them together.
Hope you all co-operate and lets get this module into the bag. If there is anyone doing cos221, i suggest we do the same.

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