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Severely Struggling

Posted by Bonga 
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Severely Struggling
July 19, 2006 10:09AM
Hello to everyone.

I'm having such a hard time with this module that I'm even thinking quiting it and do it next year because I just don't understand anything.

My most difficult problem my is the last assignment. I just do not know where to start especially with Questions 3 & 4.

With question 4, the whole tree gets deleted when try to delete the leftmost node in the tree and with Q3 I just do not kon where to start.

It is just too hard but I'll try to get before the extension due date.

Anyway good luck to everyone for the exam preparations and the exam itself.

Re: Severely Struggling
July 19, 2006 10:33AM
Bonga, don't give up just yet....if you're struggling speak/em-mail the lecturers, they'll help you.
Drop questions on the forum, other students will help you.

The struggle is all in the state of the mind....if you're mind thinks you're struggling you'll continue to struggle.
Approach your struggle as a progression towards the solution.

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