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Comprehensive notes on recursion, searching, and sorting algorithms

Posted by Bronwen 
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Comprehensive notes on recursion, searching, and sorting algorithms
March 21, 2006 08:57PM

There are a couple of notes for COS211, available for download from my website, made when I did this module 2 years ago.

6 pages. 16 examples of recursive problems, with comments explaining the complex parts.

4 pages. In-depth examples and explanations on the 4 searching algorithms we covered, including their complexities.

15 pages. I made notes on all the sorting algorithms we covered, as well as the additional ones covered in previous years and others that seemed relevant. 10 in total. Here they are: Bubble sort, Selection sort, Insertion sort, Shell sort, Merge sort, Quick sort, Mean sort, Counting sort, Bucket sort, and Radix sort.
The notes include explanations on how they work, sample sorting traces, and their running times in Big O notation.

If anyone wants to contribute additional notes to the page, you're more than welcome to upload your docs smiling smiley

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