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Integer division

Posted by Ryan Botha 
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Integer division
May 31, 2008 02:09PM
All i want to do is divide the numbers below, and display the result. How...?
Heres my code:

Double d1 = new Double(230 - ((41 / 275) * 190));
//I thought double so the decimals remain

int yValue = d1.intValue();
//round it off to an integer

//display on the screen

The screen output is ALWAYS 0. I understand that as integers (41/275) = 0, but why does that happen in double, and surely it should only round off at the end of the entire equation?

Help please!
Re: Integer division
May 31, 2008 06:07PM
Do worry, after a knap, the rearranging the order of variables...

230 - (41 * 190)/275;

seemed to work..
Re: Integer division
June 17, 2008 10:23AM
I have an idea,

Just add .0 to all your numbers. ex (230.0 - ((41.0 / 275.0) * 190.0)). 'Cause 41/275 is still integer division.

41 and 275 are integers.

You didn't say:

Double d1 = new Double(41);
Double d2 = new Double(275);
Double d3 = new Double(d1/d2):

Which is just toooooooo long.

Think the above will work(Not sure, sometimes get confused with syntax in different languages).
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