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Assignment 2 - Question 2

Posted by robbiepapenfus 
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Assignment 2 - Question 2
May 05, 2008 08:44AM
Hi guys,

I have been through chapters 4 and 5 and there doesnt seem to be any good examples to assist with question 2.

A few of the exercise questions at the end of chaptor 4 would be a great help. but the book does not provide the answers to the exercises!!

Any suggestions?

Anonymous User
Re: Assignment 2 - Question 2
May 05, 2008 09:47AM
smoking smiley
Hi! man. I think that you really know that programming is not just another module you have to crem and pass, you must understand the concept(know what your doing). You can answer Q2 by only studying chapter 4(trust me!).
Re: Assignment 2 - Question 2
May 05, 2008 01:09PM
Hi Robbie,

Try geeting your hands on the Schaum's outline series on Java. There are plenty of worked out examples that will be of assistance. These exapmles can be downloaded from the net which should save finger trouble.


Re: Assignment 2 - Question 2
May 05, 2008 02:31PM
Hi guys,

Thanks for the help.

So in a nutshell you need to create two classes in separate files.

Once you have written the classes, do you first compile them both before you start using them?

Also, when you compile mMDate, do you need to passed it the date ints?

E.g. javac MyDate.java

java MyDate 2008 05 10

Sorry for all the questions but I'm just trying to get my head arounnd using mutiple classes in separate files and how i go about using methods from classes in different files.

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