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Suggestions as to a compiler that DOES work

Posted by dianne 
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Suggestions as to a compiler that DOES work
June 14, 2008 05:27PM
Since the Unisa compiler doesn't actually compile (another in a long list of Unisa things that don't do what they are supposed to!) has anyone come across a preferably open-source compiler that DOES compile Malik's code?

I am using Code::Blocks 8.02 at the moment, and it's a million times more elegant. Far better error messages. Although I must tell you it still doesn't run Malik's code.

I'm finding this subject difficult enough without having to deal with "environmental issues" every time I try anything. They happily tell us at the beginning of the year that this is a practical course and you must do the exercises, yet all I am able to do is read the text and guess the results.
Re: Suggestions as to a compiler that DOES work
June 22, 2008 04:52PM
g++ is, actually, a GOOD compiler in that it conforms better than most C++ compilers to the ANSI standard. The problems are more that (1) C++ is an over-engineered language (to quote Alan Kay, "I'm the guy who coined the term `object-oriented programming and C++ was not what I had in mind"winking smiley and (2) Malik is a pretty poor textbook.
avatar Re: Suggestions as to a compiler that DOES work
June 23, 2008 08:52AM
Hi Dianne. See the last couple of posts on thread:
Assignment 2 malik supplied sources do not compile

Re: Suggestions as to a compiler that DOES work
July 10, 2008 10:32AM
I've tried everything suggested here on the forum. Now and then the code compiles, but no longer actually works. For example, count no longer increments.

I'm going to try rewriting everything as non-templates, and not using includes - just assume I'm working with int's. Hopefully the logic remains the same.
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