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help with compiler

Posted by paulette 
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help with compiler
April 06, 2008 09:39PM
I get this error trying to compile Chapter 3 Programming Exercise 1.

[Warning] In function `main':

[Linker error] undefined reference to `_monstartup'
collect2 C:\unisa\Cos211x\collect2
ld returned 1 exit status
[Build Error] exe: *** [ch3q1p.exe] Error 1

I have tried to recompile but keep on getting the same error. Please help
Re: help with compiler
April 08, 2008 11:08AM
Make sure that your classAssignmentOprImp.cpp is added to your project. On Dev-C++, goto project->add to project and select the required file.
Re: help with compiler
April 16, 2008 04:28PM
I get the same error even after I have added classAssignmentOprImp.cpp to my project. I get it on every project. Please help!
Anonymous User
Re: help with compiler
April 17, 2008 02:41PM

what compile options are you using? post a list of those as well as what libraries you have set up the project to link with.


Re: help with compiler
April 30, 2008 09:01AM
I have reinstall and this has fixed the problem. Thanks
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