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Computer Aided Lessons?

Posted by Seymore 
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Computer Aided Lessons?
March 30, 2008 10:02PM

Is there a Computer Aided Lesson for COS201V as there was for Cos101?
The CD for COS101 realy helped me.

If there is what is the quickest way I can get hold of it?
(don't want to wait until exam time ye'know!)

Re: Computer Aided Lessons?
March 30, 2008 10:20PM
Download TL 102 off of the site, it contains the info and order form for the CAI lessons, I believe.
Re: Computer Aided Lessons?
October 20, 2008 11:46AM
Who has tried the CAI (computer aided instruction) for COS201 ?
Is it worth buying ? If so, would someone be willing to send me an electronic copy of the software if i can show proof that i've paid for one - if i order it now, it won't get here in time.
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