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client dataset: No index currently active

Posted by quintonnel 
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client dataset: No index currently active
July 27, 2008 03:18PM
Can someone please tell me what to do with this error.

(client dataset): No index currently active

I'm trying to find a specific record with the FindKey function, but al i get is the error.

I did add a Primary Key to the table. Using ADO and Acces.
Re: client dataset: No index currently active
July 27, 2008 08:05PM
Go to the Client Dataset in question and look in the object inspector for a property named IndexField or KeyField, Set that property to the field you want to search by, I think there might be two properties together... its something like that, sorry this is vague but I don't have delphi infront of me (Dual boot heaven >.>winking smiley But thats what I did to get it fixed smiling smiley

Hope it helped
Re: client dataset: No index currently active
August 03, 2008 11:45AM
I typed in the primary key field of the database table of the specified dataset in the 'IndexFieldNames'. Worked like a dream.
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