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Problem with loading MySQL

Posted by sanman 
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Problem with loading MySQL
March 14, 2008 10:35AM
Hi Guys.I am having a problem loading MySql from the COS CD supplied. When I try to unzip the file (mysql-4.0.18-win) i get the error " bad CRC 1687e0f3....". I am running XP with Sp2.Any ideas??????
Re: Problem with loading MySQL
March 14, 2008 01:05PM
Try downloading it from this site and installing it, maybe you got a bum copy.
Re: Problem with loading MySQL
March 14, 2008 01:11PM
sorry lapse in sanity. what version of delphi are you running, i am running delphi 7 and also had issues with (msql-4.0.18-win). then i read my tutorial letter and saw that if you are using delphi 7 you should load (mysql-3.23.58-win.zip). give it a try.
Re: Problem with loading MySQL
March 15, 2008 11:31AM
Errr, winzip giving a "bad CRC" error definitely means zip file corrupted. download it form osprey or mySQL's website.
Re: Problem with loading MySQL
March 18, 2008 03:47PM
Thanx for the help guys.Suspect it was a corrupt disk.Loaded it from last years disk that came with cos111u.
Re: Problem with loading MySQL
June 23, 2008 10:32PM
MySql 3 - my goodness what century are we in! Is that the using the paraffin-driven computers?
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